Courses and the career opportunity in beauty and wellness industry

Thinking about studying and building a thriving career in Beauty and Wellness industry?

The beauty and wellness field is vast, and so are the courses offered in this industry. Before proceeding, an individual should consider and analyze the courses available because it becomes essential to choose an appropriate course according to the creativity level and interest in the field.

At Tress Lounge Academy, we provide you with a list of courses that develop a passage of dynamic career possibilities for you.

Hair Styling

Hairstyling / Hairdressing is one of the most lucrative and creative fields to work in. The demand for professional hairstylists / hairdressers has increased tremendously. With the increase in the number of professional salons and the increased awareness in the public, professional hairstylists / hairdressers are in hot demand in the industry. Gone are the days where traditional techniques got you through in the industry, its not just the practical work but the entire experience of the customer that matters. This change has created a need for people in the industry who are not only practically sound but have in-depth technical knowledge of hair and who can professionally deal with the clients and deliver an excellent customer experience for them. If you are passionate about hairdressing then this basic or advance hair course will enhance your skills and make your future secure because a job of a hairstylist beholds rapid growth. The course not only covers hair theory but also concentrates on different styling techniques, technical knowledge and various practice sessions required for a student. To know the entire course content visit here or you can directly download our brochure.

Makeup Course

Today and in centuries to come, Makeup Artist is and will be one of the most blooming career options. To help you shine in the market we at Tress Lounge Academy, expertise you in identifying the various face shapes and features, and also by providing deep knowledge of the tools and makeup products available. We train our students for all kind of makeup techniques required for a day or night makeup. To know more about the basic and advance makeup course, head on to the link here . To get a copy of the detailed syllabus,download the brochure .

Beauty Course

To be a professional in all aspects of beauty from the skin to hair and everything related to wellness, you need to know the basis behind the theory of massage, multiple types of beaches available and even home care recipes. We at Tress Lounge Academy, provide the Basic and advance BEAUTY COURSE to bring out the best in you. For details on the same, check the link here , or to know each and every feature included in the training, download our brochure.

Nail Art Course

The current trends in the business have opened new platforms and opportunities for people with creative hands. If you have an urge for experimenting and developing something expressive with nails, then we polish your talent by providing certified training and help you to become a Nail Artist, Nail Technician or a Nail Art freelancer. To know about the eligibility criteria, course duration and more click here. To study the nail syllabus in detail download our brochure .

At Tress Lounge Academy we follow a course list that targets on each and every aspect of the Beauty and Wellness Industry. Our ultimate aim is to transform you into a professional worthy of an exciting, fulfilling, challenging, and financially rewarding career. For more details you can connect with us on email:, or directly call on 0172-4181581, +918264443322