Latest hair and makeup trends

The beauty industry has no looking back. Examining how?

Because even recession cannot hamper the industry. Indian celebrates wedding like festivals, and today, the first invite goes to the makeup artist. Therefore, makeup is and will always remain to be a big hype particularly during wedding seasons.

To emerge and become an expert in an industry that witnesses extraordinary professionals, an individual has to excel in both hair and makeup by following the latest trends.

Trends change with seasons, but at the end, it is all about individuality. When it comes to hair trends, one should learn to step away from using the easy straightener trick and start exploring by mastering in curly hairstyles or low key loose waves. Next on the blog are few hairstyle trends followed in the international market.

For the trendy summer hair:


Summer is the season for curls as the humidity in the atmosphere works in favor of the curly look. The bouncy and stylish look gets a huge nod from the international stylists across the world.

Long Hair

Long hair trend is hitting again this summer's because they can be molded when required. Like you can twist them up, braid them or top-knot them.

Twisty Bun with Jewellery

A wedding in summers? A twisted bun with amazing hair accessories can come to your rescue, and still make you look like a diva.


A savior from scorching heat yet a perfect corporate look for your office. Ponytails make you look neat and stylish at the same time.

The Messy Look

Looking for a casual yet fashionable look this summer? A messy hair tutorial by YouTuber Marianna Hewitt can help you achieve one.

For glowing and sustainable summer makeup look

The warm and humid weather spreads the makeup and the outcome is a disastrous look. Summer is weather that demands smart makeup techniques so that the makeup when melts merges so well with the skin that it makes you look more refreshing. Below are few trends you can follow:

For the lips

Put a red lipstick spot focusing on the middle of your lips and then mildly pat and blend the color up and over the borders of your lips. With this technique, your lipstick will on for hours.

For the Eyes

Applying a smudgy liner is the trick. The more you sweat, the more the liner will smudge around your lash lines, thus making you look smoky by the end of the day. To prevent the liner from flowing down your face, tap a bit of black eyeshadow or clear setting powder over your lower lash lines.

For the Face

Firstly invest in a good primer as works as a life saver for your makeup to stay put in extreme weather conditions. Then opt oil free foundation formula and keep things light weight in order to avoid creasing and caking and maintain your stunning look for the entire day.

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